Competition Info

Who - Solo or Groups may perform. 

Competition is open to music and dance performers. 


Age Groups  

5 to 8

9 to 13

14 to 18

19 to 25 years old

Note: mixed age group performers are placed based on the age of the two oldest group members. 

What We offer three qualifying competitions plus the championship. You may perform in any musical genre. 


Spring - from 4/1/21 to 6/1/21

Summer - from 6/2/21 to 9/1/21

Fall - 9/2/21 - 12/1/21

Championship - 1/29-1/30/2022

NOTE: Prizes are awarded to the top 10 performers from each round. You are notified within 10 days via email if you made the top 10. The top 10 per competition automatically move on to the championship.

Where - three rounds take place online & the Championship is held in front of an audience of up to 35,000 in Miami, Florida at the 8th Annual Coral Gables Art & Mega Festival. 

How - submit no longer than a 3-minute video of your performance. You may submit one video one time or up to three videos one for each competition. 






Entry Fee

One performance in 1 competition - $30 per person solo, group, or school

One performance in 2 competition - $50 per person solo, group, school


One performance in 3 competition - $65 per person solo, group, school

•The 2021 Championship is held live in Miami, Florida, USA during the Coral Gables Art & Mega Festival

Win Cash & Prizes

Genre - any

School/Group Program Available

Competition Rules


All enrolment procedures must be followed

Video may not be more than 3minutes in duration

You must show proof of age prior to all competitions

Parental consent forms with parents' ID must be signed and emailed for those under legal age limits. 

The video must be received by the competition prior to the video acceptance date

Arriving late - be it your entry form, video, at a performance or anything else late is cause for automatic disqualification for the group or solo performer

Age group is determined by a performers age as of January 1, 2021

Group Age is determined by the oldest member of the group as of January 1, 2021

Lip syncing is not allowed

Pre-recorded music is only allowed for the dance performance

Nothing may be taken on stage that might cause harm to the event, stage, performers, or general public

Judging Overview

Industry Judges select five winners in each category & age group 

Peoples Choice select one winner in each category & age group i

Performers are not judged based on costume, set design, or anything other than talent in the opinion of the judges

Judge’s decisions are final

Event management may overrule judge’s if an issue arises beyond the judge’s control or scope

Each performer receives scores from 1 to 100.

Performers receiving most points from the judges wins

Points received by each performer are not made public, but the order in which a performer came in is.


Industry Judges 


A minimum of 5 industry judges will vote

A maximum of 50 industry judges will vote

IJ's vote online using a 1 - 100point scale

The IJ’s do not receive financial compensation

Industry judges included but are limited to – talent agents, producers, directors, casting agents, professional musicians/dancers, choreographers,

Peoples Choice


Public may vote as many times as they wish but may only vote once for each performer.

A vote is counted as a like or thumbs up on the video

Public votes will be a factor for consideration with industry judges

PJ judging is on a 1-100point scale    

Anyone may vote